Thursday, May 13, 2010

End of the semester

Newest project I just completed for Mark's class. I call it "Koi Ride" despite the fact that it looks a lot like a beta fish (some thought it was a squid, sea horse, etc). I'm mildly happy on how it turned out considering I spent alot of time thinking about the subject and was very uncertain on how to approach it when I started. I got reminded of this sketch when I went to the Earl Burns Japanese Garden for water coloring class and thought it would be awesome to actually complete the piece of work. I had alot of fun and frustration on the composition and the cohesion of the mix media, but I'm glad I did it.

Personal stuff:
Most of the stuff for the TaLK teaching opportunity has been submitted and all I really need to do now is to get my criminal records in...I should be set within 2 weeks.

The Kern River trip was awesome, though the fun was shrouded by personal drama in my life. That was not awesome. I think I'll be going back there with close friends that don't have crap drama to deal with. Other than that, I had a fun time reconnecting with nature. I felt at ease listening to the frogs croak near the river and looking up at the infinite sky. I actually saw my first shooting star, three of them to be exact and the rush of paddling through rapids and flipping over is pretty sweet. I want to go, too bad it's 3+ drive away.

-Mr. Tea

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